Have my planning templates FREE!

With all this time away from coaching there is no better opportunity so start programming and planning for the future and when we all eventually return back to the gym coaching.

However, half your time spent programming and planning shouldn’t be creating templates that you and your gymnasts can use! Which is why I am giving away some the templates I successfully use with clubs I work with on a regular basis.

What's Inside

In the programming and planning pack you will receive the following:

Periodised Planner: All you have to do is input your club name, year and date of week commencing in the first block and you are all set to start creating your annual plan for your strength and conditioning work and technical work.

Session Plan: A simple 4 week session planner that helps you list exercises, sets and reps as well as tracking what load is being lifted per set if required.

Warm Up/ Session Prep Plan: Contains four boxes covering some key areas of the warm up, Soft tissue, Mobility/Flexibility, Activation and Integration to gymnastics specific movements.


About Dan Lonsdale

Having worked with a range individuals, from  juniors to university students to olympic and commonwealth athletes, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge and coaching experience to your gymnastics club.

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